Digital Product Design IDV ImageManufacturers spend millions of dollars every year fire-fighting product quality issues and struggle with improper fit, scrap, and rework. A large percentage of build problems and engineering changes are caused by variation and can be avoided by using integrated validation tools. Proactive and interactive validation in Unigraphics NX allows the design process to move forward rather than backtracking to correct errors. Corporate standards and quality initiatives can be maintained through the implementation and assurance of product validation technology.
Tolerance analysis
Quick Stack is a simplified tool targeted at designers who need to perform a quick maximum/minimum tolerance stack-up analysis directly in the CAD design session. Quick Stack directly uses GD&T information applied in Unigraphics NX 3D models and sets them to their maximum and minimum values to perform a simulated worst-case analysis. This analysis estimates overall variation, identifies contributors to variation and provides first-level verification of specified dimensional tolerances. With Quick Stack, companies can improve quality by identifying potential build problems early in the design, and improve productivity with an automated alternative to manual tolerance stack-up calculations.
Validating the integrity of design data
Unigraphics NX uniquely addresses CAD file, geometry, assembly, and drawing data quality with Check-Mate, an innovative validation application that checks CAD files and models for conformance to company, industry, or customer standards. Check-Mate includes tools for creating knowledge based rules and profiles representing standards for file organization, geometric data types, CAD application settings, and other model and drawing criteria. Management-style reporting provides engineering data quality metrics that support company-wide quality and continuous improvement initiatives.
Quick Check
Unigraphics NX Quick Check provides simple interactive validation as part of the CAD design process. Companies can use Quick Check to monitor mass, weight, critical dimensions and other parameters in part and assembly models, employing automated checks that repeat with each model update. Quick Check provides a simple way to capture engineering expertise in customized checks that warn and guide users with clear messages whenever the checking criteria are not met. With persistent monitoring of key design parameters, Quick Check helps ensure product quality by detecting errors immediately.