With Knowledge Fusion, a Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) solution has been deeply imbedded into an MCAD system for the first time. Not "integrated" or "loosely associated," but deeply imbedded. This means that engineers and designers can focus on producing products, not translating data between a KBE system and an MCAD system. Not only can engineers specify the requirements and rules that will drive the creation of the product, but designers are free to make geometric model changes from within the MCAD system -- just as they normally would -- and still have a model that is completely consistent with and associatively linked to the engineering rules. Knowledge Fusion is singularly focused on brining engineers and designers together.

Knowledge Based Engineering links the "why and how" of a design to the "what". It provides the power of expressions, spreadsheets and mass properties combined with all the tools necessary to create custom rules and wizards. Benefits include greatly reduced design cycle time, easy-to-understand models, and analysis standardization. By robustly linking a leading KBE constraints/rules engine with a powerful MCAD geometry engine, Knowledge Fusion makes multidisciplinary optimization and probabilistic evaluations feasible -- resulting in much more innovative and advanced designs. Capabilities such as these can have a profound impact on the competitive nature of a business.

Knowledge Fusion is built on top of Intent!, an industry-proven KBE language from Heide Corporation. Many engineering professionals already have experience with this language and will find Knowledge Fusion to be a powerful extension to their skills. In addition to the language itself, Knowledge Fusion provides an easy-to-use visual interface for capturing and manipulating engineering knowledge.