Molded parts have become vital components to the automotive, consumer product, electronics and medical industries. Injection mold design involves some of the most difficult challenges in CAD modeling. These challenges are becoming even more intense due to market demand for more innovative designs and higher CAD imagequality products. Above all else, molds must be made cheaper and faster than ever before.

Being able to provide differentiated products within shortened delivery schedules has placed mold design on the critical path for product development. As such, mold makers are constantly looking for better ways to use computer technology to automate their product development process. Doing “business as usual” and employing mediocre technology will seldom win. However, companies that master their processes and have joined their best practices with advanced technology will consistently excel.

NX uniquely supports all capabilities needed for an optimum mold making system. By integrating our customers’ best practices in mold making with advanced CAD/CAM technology, NX provides mold makers with a solution that helps them deliver unmatched innovation and productivity. Process based wizards, knowledge-embedded models, alternative modeling methodologies, open architecture and collaborative engineering tools are just a few of the unique technologies that NX leverages to bring higher levels of CAD imagequality, productivity and innovation to the mold making industry.

NX Mold Wizard is the industry’s most powerful tool for streamlining and automating the mold design process. NX Mold Wizard provides expert, highly efficient mold design tools that guide you step-by-step through the mold design process. Mold Wizard captures the process specific knowledge of mold making, delivering levels of productivity that dramatically outperform traditional mold making software. Productivity gain is already proven, with most mold makers expected to deliver a fully detailed mold design at least twice as fast as traditional software applications.

NX complements Mold Wizard design aids with proven manufacturing technologies that dramatically reduce mold delivery schedules. Through its process knowledge approach to machining, NX brings a new dimension in capabilities and productivity, including high-speed machining, to the mold making industry.

NX Total Product Engineering brings you a strategic advantage that will help you develop and manufacture higher-quality molds faster and at lower cost. With industry-leading technologies in an integrated, associative, digital environment, NX improves individual and departmental productivity throughout the entire mold development cycle